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You don’t understand something. You are all so fucking beautiful and you don’t think you are? Every one of my followers are beautiful, boy, girl, doesn’t matter. You all get dressed up and put pounds of make up on but what for? You have natural beauty. Some guys have high standards but I don’t. I don’t wan to kiss lip gloss or powder. I want to kiss lips, pure soft lips and a nice soft cheek. I’m not saying you should stop wearing it, do as you please, but you are really all beautiful. You have meat on your bones, so? Guys like meat on a girl, well I do anyway. If you complain about it, do something about it. I used to be a chubby guy and now, I’m healthy and finally being happy again. I don’t know but I really think you are all beautiful. If any of you girls or dudes need advice or help, I’m here and I’ll never leave a message unavailable. Don’t be insecure about yourselves because I don’t doubt there is something about you that makes you so unique and beautiful. Be yourself and don’t change for anyone.

2 years ago | 05:01pm
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